About Bhutan:

The Kingdom of Bhutan with an area of 38,394km2is one of Asia's smallest nations. The country is situated on the southern slopes of the Eastern Himalayas and lies between 26o45' N and 28o10' N latitude and 88o45' E and 92o10' E longitude. Bhutan is landlocked between the Tibetan region of China in the north, and India to the east, south and west. The country is characterized by fragile mountainous ecosystem with elevations ranging from about 100m in the foothills to over 7500m towards the north all within a range 170 km from the northern to the southern border. The east-west dimension of the country measures around 300km. High, rugged mountains, glaciers and moraines, deep valleys and ravines and depressions earmarking watercourses, drainage basins and waterfalls characterize Bhutan's physical features.

Many travelers to Bhutan not only find indeed a mystical kingdom of the past, with old traditional houses, customs and dresses still being part of their day to day life but also western style attire, trendy bars and discotheques. It is a country straddling in between the ancient and the modern and so it is not only temples and prayer flags but also most fashionable cars you will find cruising along windy mountain roads.

The high and snowy Himalayan peaks locking the country on all sides, the flora and fauna and the unique tradition and culture attract the hearts and souls of many and it stays with them long after they have left the place, miles and miles behind.