Flora and Fona :
Due to the high forest cover, the mountainous landscape and monsoonal seasons, the country’s diverse ecosystems are reservoirs of a spectacular assortment of wild flora and fauna. Bhutan is ranked amongst the top ten countries with the highest species density in the world, and has the highest fraction of land in Protected Areas and the highest proportion of forest cover than any Asian country.
Bhutanese flora is considered to be of immense scientific value not only due to the high level of diversity but also because of the relatively good state of preservation compared to other Himalayan regions. There are over 5000 species of vascular plants which include diverse species of orchids, rhododendrons and other endemic plant species. Close to 200 species of mammal are known to occur in Bhutan of which 27 are globally threatened species like the Royal Bengal tiger, Snow leopard, Red panda, Bhutan Takin and Golden Langur among others. Out of the rich diversity of bird species, you will find 14 species that are globally threatened and 10 restricted range bird species.
In terms of domestic biodiversity, about 80 species of agricultural crops is grown in Bhutan including cereals such as rice, maize, barley, millet, wheat and buckwheat; fruits such as apple, orange and pear; vegetables such as potato, bean and cabbage; and spices such as chilli, cardamom, garlic and ginger.